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From the Pastor

January 2024


Dear Lighthouse Church Family:

As we begin 2024, we will be meeting and discussing the future of our church. We have for the past several weeks posed questions for your consideration. This was not a scientific survey, but rather a vehicle for encouraging reflection on what is good and what needs to be changed if Maineville's oldest church is to flourish.

Consensus is important to the revitalization, so together we will write a Vision Statement to express our hopes for the church. These can be physical improvements, spiritual growth, increased membership, more missions, or whatever you wish to add. These are the collective aspirations of the congregation.

Our mission is to make disciples of the world, but how will we do that? We have begun the process of remodeling the building. We have a new HVAC system for the class wing and soon will have a new sign. How do we reach new Christians and those seeking a new place of worship? Now is the time to share your ideas. We are part of a new denomination. This new identity needs to be part of our image so other like-minded Christians will worship with us.

The most effect church growth strategy is for existing members to invite their associates and friends to visit. We are an inviting and friendly group. Let us share the love of Jesus Christ with others by asking them to come to our church one Sunday to see what we offer.

We are working to improve our media presence. We have a website which is under reconstruction. Our Facebook page is dynamic and is updated frequently. We hope to expand to other vehicles on the internet to connect to a younger audience. The Administrative Board approved a new committee on Evangelism, Media, and Communication at the December meeting so these efforts can be focused.

Even with all the changes that may come, we want to keep that which is beneficial and loved about this church. We are an aging congregation at present. Even when we grow, we must be mindful to serve the faithful, and many lifelong, members. We are organizing the visitation program thanks to our volunteers. We are making our restrooms more accessible.

The staff of other churches consists of many employees. Brandon and I are the only two we have. Volunteers run this church. Without these resolute servants of God this church would have ceased to exist. Debbie and I are privileged to work with so many donating skills and time. We have faith that 2024 will be the year of positive changes with the Lord's guidance.

God Bless,
Pastor Eric and Debbie


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