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"I was thinking..."
June 2022


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I was thinking…Pastor Steve


In his heart a man plans his course, but the LORD determines his steps. Proverbs 16:9 (NIV)

I had a totally different article planned out for this month. In fact, I had already started it last month, but I'm going to save it for another time. As you know, I have been looking forward to retirement. Dona and I have been moving items and furniture back down to our home in New Richmond. We had thought about getting a dog once we were settled back in, but as some of you may know, we found one before that happened. Brody came to us just after Mother's Day and has been, overall, a really good fit for us. He's a 2 year old Spaniel-Golden Retriever mix that was a rescue. We don't know his whole story: just that he has fit in with us very well.

About the same time, I felt that the Holy Spirit was urging me to pursue staying with Maineville another year...maybe part time. Dona was having the same thoughts. I talked with the District Superintendent, Todd Anderson, about that possibility, and he thought it was a good solution. I then pursued the idea with Doug Moore to see if it was a viable option for the church, and he said he would present it to the SPRC. They took a vote, and it came out affirmative that I would stay on in a part-time capacity for another year.

I will be working from New Richmond as well as in Maineville, but do not hesitate to call my cell if you need me. I will always be available (as long as I can find my phone!). My days aren't set in stone, but I will plan on working Thursday, Friday, and Sunday. It generally takes at least two days to get the message researched and written, plus making up the PowerPoint for Sunday morning.

Yes, I have made my plans but God laid on my heart that I needed to alter those plans. I pray that this will work out the best for you all, as well as for Dona and me (and Brody). This should still afford me the ability to attend various activities for our two youngest grandchildren, Kyra and Johnny, who will both be graduating from High School this coming year. Time has flown by, and I feel like I've missed out on many of their events already. I ask that you will join in my prayer for the church and the future. There is much yet to do, and you all are the ones who will continue to be the life blood of this fellowship and keep moving it along.

Now, I need to switch topics. Unfortunately, as I write this, there has been another shooting in a school in Texas. I ask for prayers for those families. As the news was breaking, we were attending Doug's Bible study. I believe the consensus is that there is still evil in the world. There are actually people who are being possessed by demons. Our culture calls it mental health issues and will say it's due to environment and who has been bullied, but it boils down to people doing evil actions. Our culture looks inwardly for the answers to solve the problems facing our children. The real solution is Jesus. We need more of Jesus in our children's lives, less texting, facetimes, tik-tok, and video games, and more real experiences, not virtual interactions. They need parents and families that care and share life with them, meals together, prayer time, discussions on the Bible, and the need for Jesus in their lives. They won't get satisfaction from school, TV, or their phones. Jesus is the One who satisfies.

Will that be the solution for everyone? Not likely. If you have read your Bibles, then you know that there were people struggling even whil Jesus walked on the earth. There's no reason to think that that has, or will, stop just because we have Jesus. But we can pray it will slow down the invasion of demonic entities in our lives and the lives of those we love. There is hope, and hope's name is Jesus.

One last item, remember your Father. Yes I mean your dads, but also The Father. Summer has a way of making people forget to meet together and worship. Don't become a non-attending statistic. Keep the faith growing year-long. Have a great Father's Day and continue to worship. God bless.

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