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From the Cove...

January 2023

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From the Cove…

            Another New Year begins!  And one with many changes ahead!  As I

look forward to 2023, I’m excited that our church was able to make the step

of leaving the United Methodist denomination in December and now owns

the property that many past members worked so hard for.  I’m also excited

to see what comes next as we are recognized as the Maineville Lighthouse

Church, in keeping with the symbol of the lighthouse that has been in front

of the building for many years.  Of course, there is a lot of work yet to be

done as we update our signs, bulletins, bank accounts, Facebook page,

and website, to name a few.  Hopefully, most of this willbe accomplished quickly, and we can get back to concentrating on being a Light in this community.

            In a recent sermon, Pastor Steve made the comment that he felt our church was a “teaching” church, and I realized how true that is.  Our Sunday mornings consist of an adult Sunday school class that is truly a Bible study.  The teacher, Doug Moore, concentrates on scripture and encourages those who attend to really look at what it says.  This is followed by our regular Sunday service, which is composed of vocal worship, prayer, sharing of joys and concerns, and sermons that examine and help explain the various books of the Bible and the messages they contain.   

            In addition, we offer a Tuesday evening Bible study for adults, a Thursday morning men’s small group, and a Thursday morning ladies small group.  Each of these combine a time of prayer, fellowship, and study of what the Bible says and how it relates to us today.  They also provide the opportunity for members of the congregation to really get to know each other as they learn more about our faith in a small group setting.  It’s always a blessing to hear someone say, “I’ve heard that passage so many times, but I never really understood its meaning until now.”

            We can often become discouraged in a small church.  We look around at some of the “mega” churches that are packed on Sunday mornings and wonder how we can ever compete with their numbers and programs.  The answer is that we can’t!  And we don’t need to.  Just as God has given each of us gifts to be used for His kingdom, I think He has given each church a role to play in bringing people to Him.  We are each a part of the Body, individually and corporately, when it comes to God’s plan.  The trick is to recognize that part and be content with it.  If the Maineville Lighthouse is to be a “teaching” church, we should concentrate on that and bring God’s Word to the people in the very best way we can.  That begins within our own congregation and will filter out to the community with God’s help.

            As we begin this New Year, let’s look at our strengths instead of our weaknesses.  We need to be prepared to share God’s Word with others.  To do that, we must study and understand it ourselves. If you’ve been content to sit in the pew on Sunday morning, that’s fine…as long as you’re listening and taking in what God is saying to you.  If you’ve had the feeling that you’d like to know more, then check into the various studies available and see what fits you.  Start 2023 off right by learning more about God and more about each other!




“Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you

to give the reason for the hope that you have.”

1st Peter 3:15

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