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October 2020

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From the Parsonage...

            Just when you think this year couldn’t get any

worse…  Once again, Satan hits us where it hurts

most, our children!  First, the Governor of California

recently signed a bill that weakens the laws dealing

with pedophiles.  Then, Netflix promoted a film that

sexually exploits pre-teen girls.  Although both these

events are worthy of a widespread public outcry,

there has been very little coverage by the media.  Sure, I’ve seen some personal posts on Facebook and a few quotes by public officials, but nothing even close to what you’d expect.  So I have to ask, “When did we stop protecting children from being sexually abused in the United States of America?” 


            Of course, the excuse offered by those of a Liberal persuasion is that children are mature at a younger age in these enlightened times and that they are now capable of giving consent to sexual activities that were frowned upon in the past.  Do we really believe this is alright?  Or is this just another step in the planned downfall of the country? 


            We’ve already had a wake up call about the way our younger generation has been influenced by this agenda.  It’s obvious when you note that the majority of those taking part in violent protests and riots is often young people.  It’s also depressing to see many of them expressing their approval of the “new” form of socialism that some of our current politicians seem to be pushing.  Finally, it’s painful to know that most of the moral values and beliefs that our country was built on now mean little or nothing.  There’s nowhere this is more obvious than in the calm acceptance of things that are specifically considered sinful in the Bible.  Thank God, for the youth who remain true and faithful in these evil days.


            How did we get here, we ask?  Is it absent parenting, lack of accountability, misleading education, devious politicians, or the fake media? 

I think it’s a combination of all of them directed by Satan!  We live in a time of busyness to the extent that we don’t always pay attention to what’s actually going on around us, especially in our own families. 


            Years ago, C. S. Lewis wrote a short book called The Screwtape Letters, and, if you haven’t read it, I’d highly recommend you do so.  In the book, Satan is giving advice on how to overcome Christians, and his main lesson is to keep them so busy with their everyday lives that they don’t even see that they are losing their moral compass.  I think that’s where we are today.


            As Christians, it’s time to stop hiding our heads in the sand!  It’s time to open our eyes and find ways to stop this before it’s too late.  Pay attention to what is happening and pray about it, stand up for what you believe instead of being walked over, sign those petitions instead of just glancing at them, and, above all, vote in the upcoming election.  Our country is at a crossroads of good and evil, and the direction it takes is up to us! 




“Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to

withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.” 

Ephesians 6:13

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