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August 2021

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From the Parsonage… 


            At the July Birthday Luncheon, several of

us were discussing the sad situation that exists in

Haiti and other Third World countries.  It’s hard

for us to imagine living in a place where you don’t

have adequate food, shelter, and clothing…unless

you’ve been to some of these places.  Interestingly,

many of the people sitting there had been, and we

shared some of our experiences.  The main thing I

came away with was the feeling that the love and appreciation of God seems to be much stronger in the churches of these countries than in those of the USA.  The people have little to be happy about, and, yet, their joy is overwhelming.  They truly enter His courts with praise!  Why is this?  Is it in spite of the hardships they have to endure or is it actually because of them? Whatever the reason, the Holy Spirit is alive in their services!

            Life in Haiti is more than difficult at this time.  During the last year, there have been revolts and riots that have made trips there virtually impossible.  Gangs have roamed the streets and countryside looking for opportunities to steal and even kidnap those who might have access to money for their safe return.  Rioters have attacked people in the streets and set fire to homes and businesses.  The group of volunteers from Maineville, who usually travel to the LaCroix New Testament Mission each year, have been warned not to come.  Even the couple who started the vocational school has been told to stay in the US until things calm down.  On top of all that, Haiti’s President was recently shot and killed!   

            So where does this leave the innocent residents of Haiti?  In a country where poverty is normal and bellies are often empty, the stakes have just gone up.  Since we are unable to be there to help out physically, our only alternative is to support them monetarily more than ever.

According to the last report from Pastor Evans at LaCroix, there are 1,300 children at his school who receive food, but when the other schools are added, there are 3,500 children.  Bear in mind that they are not only feeding the children but sharing with their families.  That’s a lot of rice and beans!  What a blessing to know that we can help!

            For the next few weeks, we are offering you the opportunity to take part in making life a little more bearable for at least some of the children of Haiti.  If you’d like to help, just make sure to mark “Haiti”

on your check or offering envelope.  We’ll make sure it gets to the right place and gives them another reason to praise God!

            This Sunday, think how much God has blessed you just by allowing you to live in this country.  Let your love and appreciation for His goodness be shown in your prayers and worship.  Be joyful, make that joy obvious, and let God show up! 



“Enter His gates with thanksgiving and His courts with praise.

Give thanks to Him, bless His name.”

Psalm 100:4


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