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May 2021

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From the Parsonage…           

            Why is it that people go on making the same

mistakes over and over? One thing we can learn from

history is that there seems to be a cycle of good and

bad decisions that often results in changing the course

of whole nations. It gives us the opportunity to look

back at the actions (and consequences) of those who

went before us.  Maybe that's why there's such a strong

movement to delete that history by those who are set on destroying our country.  They know it's much easier to delude people when you control their knowledge of the past. 

            The law of cause and effect is exhibited over and over in the history books commonly found in our schools and libraries, but it is

the moral law of behavior that is in the forefront of the Bible. And

that moral law is even more unpopular in today's culture! After all,

it's a lot harder to pit individual classes and races against each other

if they truly study the Bible. Over and over, God gives examples of

what happens when the people turn away from Him and rely upon

their own desires and devices. Yet, over and over, there are long

periods of time when they do just that and suffer the results.     

            This is a subject that comes up in our Ladies Bible Study and Coffee Fellowship on a regular basis. Part of our study focuses on

ways to relate what we are reading to the times we are living in, and

it never ceases to amaze us how similar we are to those people of

long ago. Even though our studies are based on "Women of the Bible," we also look at the men in their lives and the way they lived. It's interesting that we have found that these women were much more influential than we had thought and that their lives varied according

to the situation of their nation at the time, which was generally determined by their leadership. Godly leadership resulted in better conditions for the people; poor leadership often brought destruction.

            Thinking about the direction of our country today, I am concerned that we are on the path to destruction and pray that we,

like the people in the Bible, have an opportunity to turn it around

before it's too late. It's hard to believe that God will continue to protect

a nation that has turned away from Him in so many ways. With a few exceptions, our leaders seem bent on mocking the God who created

us by condoning and affirming many of the sins He warned against

in His Word. In addition, they are increasingly open in their attempts

to take away our civil and social freedoms and to indoctrinate our children into their way of thinking. Christianity is the last bastion of hope to turn our country back to God and His protection.  It's really important that we realize this and stop being the "Silent Majority." 

With God's help, we can overcome evil!




“We have sinned and done wrong. We have been wicked and have rebelled;       we have turned away from your commands and laws."

 Daniel 9:5

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