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From the
June 2021

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From the Parsonage… 


            Is it just me or do people's smiles look brighter

than ever before?  For the last year, it's been difficult

to know what was "behind the mask."  Not only was it

hard to even recognize friends, but there was no way

to see what the person was feeling.  Sure, there were a

few folks who had such expressive eyes, that you could

sense their mood, but, for the most part, I couldn't tell if

they were hiding a smile or a scowl!  Last week, it seemed like there were huge smiles everywhere I went.  And I really appreciated them!

            About the same time the mask restrictions eased up, the weather began to change, and, suddenly, summer was here.  The church "Work Day" and the interior painting the week before really gave the building and grounds a facelift and helped us prepare to get back into the activities we were forced to miss over the last year.  Hopefully, those people who needed to stay away during the pandemic will feel safer and return to us soon.  I know I'm definitely looking forward to seeing all their faces and smiles again!

            The better weather of summer also tends to buoy up my spirits.  Although I'm not a real "outdoorsy" person, I do love the warmth and sunshine.  In cold weather, it's easy for me to draw within myself and cover up with a cozy blanket.  Although that's not all bad, sometimes, it can cause me to dwell too much on the gloominess of the day and life itself.  On the other hand, it also provides me with a time of rest and reflection.  I can use it to concentrate on prayer or read my Bible more.  It's really up to me which way I choose to respond.

            Now, watching the grass turn bright green and the flowers bloom, I'm reminded once again of God's love and the glory of His creation.  I wonder about this God, who planned the earth with its various seasons.  He has provided His children with exactly what they would need on the physical realm...animals, plants, and trees for food and shelter, along with the seasons for planting, growth, and harvest.  But He has also provided them with seasons of work, rest, and spiritual growth.  Again, it's up to us to use those times wisely.

             I pray that each of you has chosen to spend some time during the shutdown of the last year to think more about your faith and to come ever closer to your Creator.  Shalom.




“It was You who set all the boundaries of the earth;

You made both summer and winter."

Psalm 74:17

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