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May 2020

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From the Parsonage...

            Are there things that you said you always wanted to do

if you only had the time?  Maybe not what you’d call your

“Bucket List” since those items claim a little more importance, 

just a few ordinary things that seem interesting.  For my part,

this generally includes books I’d like to read someday.  Now,

in all honesty, I usually have a couple of books I’m reading in

normal times, but these are mostly easy reads just for pleasure.

What I’m looking at now are books that will need more attention, books that will require some commitment and study, and I know exactly where to start.  One of the benefits of this “pandemic” is the fact that most of us do have

more time on our hands.  So maybe this is an opportunity that we can take advantage of.


            People who have been in Bible studies with me may recall that I often refer to Josephus when I’m clarifying something in biblical history.  You probably know that he was a Jewish historian and that much of what he wrote verifies events we see in the Christian Bible.  This is important to us simply because he WAS a Jew.  In other words, he had no reason to slant or try to misrepresent these events for the benefit of Christianity!  If anything, he would have more reason to be favorable to the Jewish agenda of the time.  I

purchased the book, The Works of Josephus, when I was attending Cincinnati Christian University and have picked out bits and pieces from it periodically, but I have never sat down and read the whole book until now.


            What’s your Josephus?  Is there a book you’ve put off reading, an instrument you want to learn to play, a recipe you’d like to try, or a hobby you think you’d enjoy?  Even though we hope to be released from the restrictions the virus has caused soon, it looks like it may be a slow process.  If that’s the case, then we still have plenty of time to look at something new.  And I’m fairly sure it will be helpful in fighting the blah’s that many of us experience during our “social distancing.”


            With our normal activities not taking place, April was a long, hard month.  Our personal lifestyle is fairly quiet, so I didn’t think the quarantine would affect us much.  What I didn’t realize was how much we depend on our church events and friends within our every day schedule.  In fact, I found that it was difficult to even keep track of what day it was without the constants of Sunday services, Tuesday Bible Study, Wednesday Choir, and my Thursday Ladies Bible Fellowship!  Not to mention just missing everyone!   

            On the bright side, we are blessed with the ability to keep in touch through modern technology, and, hopefully, this absence of personal contact will make us appreciate each other even more when we meet again!  In the meantime, please join me in finding one of those things you never had time for to fill your empty hours.  And let’s share them with our friends once this is over!  (I’m hoping some of you choose baking!)




“and try to learn what is pleasing to the Lord.”  

Ephesians 5:10

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