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January 2020

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From the Parsonage…

            This month marks the beginning of a whole new year, and

I was wondering if any of you have decided on some New Year’s

resolutions.  I generally don’t make a big deal of this, although I do

have some things in mind each year.  I think I’m a little hesitant to

let other people know what mine are, since I usually only remember

them for about a month or so!  This year, however, I’ve decided that

it might be a good idea for us to share some of our ideas so we can

also share support and accountability. 


            The first thing on my list of resolves is to try and make our Thursday morning Ladies Bible Study and Coffee Fellowship even more meaningful than last year.  This one should be easy since we got off to such a good start in 2019.  My original hope was that this group would be more than a simple Bible study and would evolve into a caring small group whose members could safely share their personal feelings.  As I’ve watched the friendships grow each week, I believe this has truly happened. 


            Now, it’s my wish to keep this going and to add to our group.  In order to do that, I have a responsibility to develop studies that are interesting and applicable to our lives today.  As I look at the women of the Bible, I’m even more excited to delve into their lives more deeply.  I think it makes sense to do this chronologically, so our next study will be on Rachel and Leah and will begin on Thursday, January 9, at 10 am.


            My second wish for 2020 is to concentrate on developing a more healthy and active lifestyle!  I realize that my normal diet leaves a lot to be desired, and I really don’t get much exercise, if any.  On top of that, most of my daily activity involves a computer, and that doesn’t burn up much energy.  In fact, the less active I am, the less active I want to be.  


            I’m not sure if any of you are in the same boat physically, but I’d love to hear your ideas on how to combat this situation.  Maybe we could come up with some healthy recipes to try that are easy and inexpensive.  (One of the reasons I think it’s hard to “eat healthy” is because it’s usually cheaper to go the fast food route!)   


            And…I’ve been promising myself to sign up at one of the Silver Sneakers facilities nearby to encourage myself to exercise.  Since it needs to be convenient for me to actually go there, I’m considering the Any Time Fitness on Route 48.  I just need to find some accountability partners for that, so if anyone else is interested, let’s make a plan for the New Year!


             Looking forward to a wonderful and productive 2020 here in Maineville!




“We used to hold sweet converse together; within God's house we walked in fellowship.”

Psalm 55:14

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