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June 2020

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From the Parsonage...

            Okay, I have to be honest.  I still haven’t gotten through

The Works of Josephus.  I know…last month, I was all about

using this coronavirus “social distancing” as a chance to catch

up on all the things we’ve put off in the past as not having the

time to do.  But I’ve found that I’m evidently the Queen of

Procrastinators!  It seems that I like having the book as a

reference for certain things, but I’m not committed enough to

read all the small print that isn’t as interesting!  I don’t think I’m alone in this.  So, let’s get real, as my daughter would say.  Do you ever put off doing something you really planned on?  Why is that?  Possibly, because it turned out to be more demanding or time consuming than you had anticipated?  Or maybe, it just wasn’t as much fun as you had expected.


            I wonder if that’s the way many of us go through life.  It’s all good as long as things go our way, but we start to falter whenever we have bad experiences.  This can be especially hard for Christians.  After all, we have accepted the promise Jesus offers and are trying to live the way the Bible teaches.  So it stands to reason that we should have a good life, right?    Unfortunately, the Bible also teaches that we will go through trials and tribulations, but we don’t like to hear that part and often ignore it.  We just

want to be safe and happy with the least effort on our part!


            The last couple of months have definitely tested us and proven that none of us are in control of our lives.  Everything that was safe and happy has changed.  This virus that has taken over the country is now dictating the rules under the regulations of our government.  One of the scariest parts of this is that no one seems to fully understand what is necessary to keep us healthy, so how should we respond?  Coming through this experience will require serious commitment on our part, as well as a strong faith in the One who actually is in control. 


            Right now, we are suffering from the economic crisis, restriction of our daily activities, lack of personal contact with family and friends, and cancellation of weekly worship services.  We are in the midst of making decisions on how to get back to our normal lifestyle while maintaining safety guidelines for ourselves and others.  This will be a demanding process (and it won’t be a lot of fun), but it will be worth it!

            A good friend of mine has a company called Gradu8 that makes T-Shirts, and one of my very favorite ones says “Faith Over Fear.”  I think we need to make that our logo as we step into the month of June and a renewed season of life!  This is one time when I don’t want to procrastinate!  




"…Do not fear, only believe."   

Mark 5:36

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