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June 2019

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From the Parsonage…

            Do you ever feel like you have just lived too long?  Especially, when you look at things that are happening in the world today?  This subject came up at a luncheon I attended recently, and it was interesting to see how closely aligned the opinions were about the world, faith, and life in general. 

            Some of the women I graduated with have been meeting for lunch periodically for the last couple of years.  It started out as a random thing after a high school reunion, when one of them decided to contact those of us were still living in the area.  At first, there were only five or six who showed up, but it’s grown to an average of fifteen or so as time has gone on.  Even though many of us weren’t really close in our high school days, it’s amazing how easy it’s been to become reacquainted at this point in our lives.

            Most of the conversation has centered on family, careers, and “old times” until the last get together, when the subject of the changes in today’s world came up.  Even though the women have varied backgrounds and current lives, there was a complete

consensus of concern and actual bewilderment about the differences between now and when we were young.  Over all, not a single person could understand the modern way of thinking when it came to faith, morals, and behavior.  And every one of us expressed the feeling that we never would have believed this extreme change of thinking could

happen in our lifetime.


            After discussing various situations, the conclusion seemed to be that much of the change has come as the devotion to church and faith has declined.  As we talked about the importance of church in our lives, we also spoke about the difference in what many in the “Church” believe and teach today.  How can the foundational Christian beliefs be questioned, dissected, and seen as unimportant in this modern world?

            It reminded me of what our Ladies’ Bible Study has been going over for the last few weeks, the lies of Satan.  These lies began back in the Garden of Eden with man’s first fall, and, unfortunately, they continue without ceasing.  Satan’s lies are cunning and are presented in ways that are easy to believe if you don’t have a strong faith to fall back on.  This is the downfall of many, possibly including our own loved ones.


            So…what should we do to combat the changes that will affect our children, our grandchildren, our friends, and countless numbers of people we don’t even know?  We have the answers in scripture.  Do we share those answers, even when it makes us feel a bit uncomfortable?  Or do we just sit back and bewail the fact that “We’ve just lived too long?”




           “You shall know the Truth, and the Truth shall set you free.”

   John 8:32

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