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September 2020

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From the Parsonage...

     I put off writing my article until the last minute this month. 

I think I was hoping that something would change, and I could

come up with something truly positive!  Unfortunately, that

didn’t happen.  I was searching for something to share that had

nothing to do with our current situation, and it was hard to come

up with anything!  I guess, like so many other people, I’ve let

myself be sucked into the “gloom” that the media, and even members of our government, seem determined to spread.  I’ve watched the news, listened to talk radio, and checked the latest Facebook posts, hoping to find answers that

satisfy some of the doubts running through my mind.    


     I don’t know why I’ve let myself be caught up in this madness!  After all, it’s not like it wasn’t expected.  At least, by those of us who claim to be Christians.  All we have to do is go to our Bible and really read what it says.  From the very beginning, there has been a force working against God’s plan for mankind…and that force is Satan.  We met him in the garden when he chose Eve to bring about the first sin, and he appears over and over again throughout both the Old and New Testaments.  His methods may vary in the way he attacks, but his motive is always the same…to kill and destroy.  And I believe he is working overtime in 2020!


     Wow!  That’s really positive, right?  Even though this may seem to be falling right in with the “doom” predicted on all sides, it really isn’t.  After all, half the battle is recognizing the enemy.  Once that’s accomplished, it’s easier to come up with a defense.  Today, our enemy, Satan, is using fear to destroy our way of life, fear so strong that it’s closing down our economy, restricting our churches, and isolating us from one another.


     So how do we fight this enemy of fear?  One way is to stop letting it take over our minds.  The more we think about the dark side, the more we worry about how it will affect us personally.  Will this virus never go away?  Will it hit us or members of our family?  Will we have to wear masks forever?  Will we lose our income?  Will our churches survive?  Will we ever be able to leave home in safety?  All these questions stream through our minds, over and over, until we have lost all joy in living.


     Personally, I’m trying to lighten my thoughts through some fairly easy changes to my lifestyle.  I’m limiting exposure to media and Facebook news, I’m turning the dial from “talk radio” to Christian stations, I’m spending more time in the outdoors, and I’m searching the word “hope” in my Bible.  Try it: you’ll like it!




“Say to them that are of a fearful heart, Be strong, fear not: behold, your God will

come with vengeance, even God with a recompence; he will come and save you.

Then the eyes of the blind shall be opened, and the ears of the deaf shall be unstopped.”

Isaiah 35:4,5

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