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August 2018



From the Parsonage…


            Well, this summer has definitely brought changes to our family as we left a 14 year commitment at Bethel UMC for a new one here at Maineville! The past few weeks have been extremely busy and filled with challenges as Pastor Steve and I have tried to decide what to bring with us to the parsonage and what to leave behind!  At this point, we have made the most important decisions and are in a kind of resting place, waiting to see what we may have overlooked and what we need to work on next in order to be truly happy in our new home. 

            It occurred to me this evening that being a Christian is very much like that.  We’re going along life’s path when something causes us to change direction.  It may stem from a simple desire to learn more about this thing called faith or it may be a heart wrenching situation that demands answers we don’t have.  At any rate, we make the decision to pursue a relationship with God and accept the salvation He offers.

            In this initial phase, we become very busy as we delve into the Bible and face the challenges of deciding what is truly important…what actions and habits we can adapt into our new life and what ones need to be left behind in the old one.  It’s a period of discovery and growth as we make these changes.

            After a certain length of time, however, the excitement begins to fade a bit, things start to settle down, and we get comfortable with where we are.  Not a bad place to be…but we don’t want to overlook how much more God has in store for us.  A resting place is just that, a time of rest to enjoy as we wait to see what’s next!        



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