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October 2018

From the Parsonage…

          I’m excited about the fact that fall is almost here! I’m one of those people who hardly ever find the weather is too hot (unless I’m working really hard), but I truly enjoy the change that comes with fall. It’s nice to be able to open the windows to let in the breeze after living with air conditioning all summer. And that cup of hot coffee before breakfast tastes even better on a cool morning! Fall also brings other things to enjoy…crisp apples, gourds, pumpkins, chrysanthemums, the spicy scent of cinnamon, and the changing colors of Autumn leaves.

          I’m also excited about the “small town” atmosphere I’ve found in Maineville! Just so that isn’t taken as a negative remark, here’s the explanation of what a small town looks like: “Most people will highlight a sense of community – where neighbors know and care about one another and where streets and other common areas enjoy a high degree of safety. A small-town atmosphere also denotes a place where honesty, integrity and compassion are upheld as important personal qualities and where individual responsibility is encouraged of everyone. A ‘small-town atmosphere’ also typically includes an unspoken reference to tradition. We think about a time when life was simpler – when people knew more clearly where the line between right and wrong was drawn.” Statesman Journal, September 2015

          I experienced this atmosphere last week when Pastor Steve and I attended the Friday night football game at Little Miami High School. It was obvious that “Friday Night Lights” are important here as families turned out to support the team, the cheerleaders, and the band. Friends, neighbors, and strangers all came together with one purpose and had a great time doing so. (I know literally nothing about football, but I was caught up in the excitement of that purpose and yelled just as loudly as the regular fans!) “Small town” is all about community and caring.

          Here at Maineville UMC, we’re looking forward to some special activities involving the community this fall. Right now, we’re busy revising the Children’s Program to fit the needs of families who may be looking for a church. As another part of children’s outreach, the younger couples in the church are hosting their second Trunk or Treat in the church parking lot on October 28. And the whole church is looking
forward to our annual Turkey Dinner and Craft Sale on November 10. Although each of these events is important in itself, our greater goal is to glorify God and share His message of hope and love with others in our “small town” community. Since this is my first fall season in Maineville, I can’t wait to be a part of it!



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